Introduction is an open source project. It let you save everything that inspire you and store anywhere you want. Organise, in board, all your visuals resources, links, notes or color. Create projects and collaborate with your team.

Project year — Work in Progress
Work — Side Project
Skills — UX, UI, Prototyping, Motion

Design DailyUI

DailyUI is a design challenge to become a better designer in 100 days with daily challenges to improve your skills. It’s a great opportunity to create concept everyday, try and experiment new styles.

Project year — 2016
Work — Side Project
Skills — Design, Interaction

Misc Design

This page is composed of two projects: a redesign of Trumbowyg, a WYSIWYG editor and a small side project I worked on, about web ressources.

Project year — 2016
Work — Side Project
Skills — Design, Interaction

Product Private Dartagnan

Dartagnan is a SASS solution which allow you to create and manage your email campaign. All the campaign created is fully responsive on all the devices. Work done at Bmobile under Copyright.

Project year — 2015
Work — Agency
Skills — UX, UI, Product Design, Motion Design

Application Snapfont

Snapfont is a social application on smartphone. It allow you to share all the typography design in your city. Ask people which font is used in your photography, share your pictures, discover font.

Project year — 2014
Work — Student
Skills — UX, UI

Get in

I’m a 26 years old designer who like to work with hyperlinks, sliders or dropdown menus. These past months I’ve been working on my side project and Dartagnan at Bmobile. I’ve worked in different design fields from webdesign to motion design and mainly as part of small agency. I’m focused on giving the easiest experience to the user on all of their devices. I like to research and organise the results to create wireframes and prototypes.

In my search for great adventure, I'm looking for a fulltime designer job in a compagny with an awesome team, where I will fulfill my appetite from design through challenging projects.

My resume

I'm one of those who think that designers should code — not actually do the development but at least understand how everything works. That's why I'm developing my front end skills. I have also some 3D design knowledge that I want to improve because, you know, VR is coming.

When I’m not lurking on Reddit, I enjoy watching movies like Fast and Furious, not getting any better at Hearthstone, doing sports like Badminton and other stuff.

You can contact me by email, follow me on Twitter or Dribbble, why not on Spotify or my non-updated Linkedin and my Medium is empty right now.

See you soon!